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How to Franchise Your Business

Everything you need to know
BEFORE franchising your business
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How to Franchise Your Business is a comprehensive program for prospective franchisors who want to take the next step into franchising. 

Gain knowledge and valuable understanding of the franchise sector so you can set up your business to thrive using the franchise model.

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Is This Program For Me?

This program is the perfect first step for those seriously considering how to franchise their business. It will allow you to take the next step of briefing accountants, lawyers and consultants with a solid understanding of what is ahead. 
  • ​Do you have an exisiting business and want to expand?
  • ​​Are you an entrepreneur considering setting up a franchise business?
  • ​Are you ready to seriously assess if becoming a franchisor is right for you?
  • ​​Are you interested in becoming a franchisor?

Inside This Program You'll Achieve:


Follow our guidance of over 20 years combined knowledge to map out a safe and proven plan.


Gain the confidence and clarity to know how you can invest wisely and make the best decision without confusion.


Learn the market and your unique position to validate  and confirm your future choices as a franchisor.


Feel fully equipped to carry out your franchising journey and achieve your desired wealth and outcomes.

What's Included:

  • Instant Access to the Program so you can start gaining knowledge straight away! 
  • ​Access to Course Materials for 12 Months so that you can continue to revisit the content as move through your franchisor journey
  • ​​Unlimited Email Support from the Course Directors for the first six weeks of the course (valued at $660)
  • ​Access to Our Exclusive List of Expert Franchise Advisers (accountants, lawyers and consultants) (valued at $550)
  • 1-on-1 90-min Mentoring and Strategy Session (valued at $650)

Course Modules:

This program includes guided training and educational activities to provide you with thorough knowledge of the franchising sector and what is involved in becoming a franchisor. Upon completion, you can make a confident and informed decision about becoming a franchisor.
  • ​Introduction to Franchising - evaluate the alternatives and learn what is unique to franchising
  • Assessing Franchise Suitability - demand, competitors and scalability of systems 
  • Specific Franchising Requirements - what are the legal and ethical obligations of franchisors?
  • Skills Required for Success - examine business strategy as well as personal strengths 
  • ​What are the Steps? - tools to facilitate the journey from concept to fruition 
  • ​Launching an Action Plan - step back and evaluate what you have learnt 
  • ​And More!

Who You'll Be Learning From...

Kerry Miles

FranchiseED Founder

As the Director of FranchiseED, Kerry Miles is at the forefront of understanding what it takes to
create thriving franchises. She has a comprehensive perspective encompassing both the franchisor
and franchisee position. Shifting from five years owning a business within the franchise sector, to more than 10 years heading up Griffith University’s Franchise Centre as General and Business
Manager, Kerry’s work is unique and driven by maintaining an independent perspective.

Kerry’s work includes franchise sector research for both the private and public sectors, developing
commercial franchise educational programs, developing and managing communications across
all aspects of franchising and developing content for leading-edge workshops and conferences.

After your time with Kerry you'll leave with the information, confidence and clarity that will support your BEST decision as a franchisor.

Why Did We Create the Program?

"Oftentimes, I am approached by business owners who have a profitable business and are thinking about franchising their business, but have no idea where to start. They’re not sure how to develop their business into a viable franchise system, how much it will cost, and what business professional support they need along the way. I'm excited to share my knowledge and guide business owners along the journey of considering whether a franchise model is suitable for them, what they need to do to start, and the process of starting."
- Kerry, FranchiseED Director & Franchise Expert

Having the confidence and clarity to make the RIGHT decision for your franchise journey is just a click away...

How to Franchise Your Business is an online course that offers unparalleled advice for prospective franchisors. Inside this program you'll discover EVERYTHING you need to know before franchising and get access to 24/7 support from franchise experts. But spots are limited! Register below and start your journey towards franchising success today!

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The material in the program is not intended to provide, or be a substitute for legal, financial or accounting advice. We always recommend seeking legal and financial advice before developing a franchise system.